Southern Snapshots

Students relax by the Duck Pond, 1968
Girl talk in a dorm room, 1966
WOWL Radio Station, 1970
New Haven State Teachers cafeteria, year unknown
Marching Band, Year Unknown
Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, Year Unknown
Junior Art Majors- December 20, 1952
Professor Jerry Dunklee teaching a Journalism class, circa 1986
Homecoming King and Queen, Fall 1983
Freshmen don beanies during Freshmen Week, 1975
New Haven Normal School Orchestra, 1930
Homecoming Parade New Britain Weekend, Year Unknown
Ted Koppel hosts ABC "Nightline" in Engleman Hall, 1981
Student at Homecoming bonfire, 1969
P.E. Club float, Homecoming 1968
Junior/Senior Prom, 1941
Cheerleaders, 1953
Homecoming float, 1957
Majorettes, 1955
Dramatic Club's Christmas tableau, 1939


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