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The Early Years

The New Haven Normal School was the third such institution in Connecticut, the first being the New Britain Normal School and then the Willimantic Normal School. The creation of teacher training schools were a long time in coming to Connecticut. The legislature at the time had a reputation for being resistant to educational reform. Scholars […]

A New Century

In 1983,  the school celebrated the change to University status.  A time capsule, which was opened in 2008, was buried. Among the items included in the capsule were four copies of the Southern News, a cassette with a performance of the alma mater, and a napkin with the Southern Connecticut State College seal. In 1993, […]

The Seventies

Manson Van Buren Jennings When Buley retired in 1970, the college had a new president, Manson Van Buren Jennings. Jennings was more scholarly than his predecessor, having spent a good portion of his professional life lecturing at Teacher’s College, Columbia and some time as a dean in New York. In this respect, he was a […]

Race, War and Student Activism

The American public was losing faith in the Vietnam War. As casualty figures mounted, public disillusionment spread. The draft brought the war into homes of Americans and spilled onto college campuses. In August 1967, a white shopkeeper in New Haven shot and killed a Hispanic youth who had threatened him with a knife. The incident […]