Faculty Notes

Photo Courtesy Laurel Yearbook, 1931

Anne E. Seabury, the Normal School’s second Dean of Women.

Anne E. Seabury

Anne E. Seabury became the school’s second Dean of Women in 1929. Seabury insisted that Normal School graduates also be proper young ladies who needed to learn proper dress, conversation and behavior. Seabury’s standard punishment for gum chewing was for the chewer to sit at attention for twenty minutes.

Owen McDowell

The former varsity athlete in three sports at Columbia University and professional baseball player, McDowell served many roles at the University including Basketball coach. The friendly McDowell looked after the small group of male students. After Pearl Harbor, McDowell enlisted in the Navy, returning to the school a few years later. After Interim President Ward Ireland retired in 1946, a committee chaired by McDowell, then the registrar, managed the college.

SCSU Archive Photos

Samuel Brownell, the fourth president.

Samuel Brownell

On January 1, 1947, McDowell and his committee welcomed a new, part-time president, Samuel M. Brownell. A professor of educational adminstration at Yale University, Brownell had developed a national reputation as an educational innovator while superintendent of schools in Grosse Point, MI, an affluent suburb of Detroit. A native of Nebraska and a Yale Ph.D., Brownell knew that Yale’s education department faced a dark future, under attack from the liberal arts faculty. By taking the position at the teachers college, Brownell could stay in New Haven and retain his position at Yale. Brownell was warm, humorous and kind, a good continuation of Engleman’s leadership.

SCSU Archive Photos

Warren G. Hill, assistant to the president.

Warren Gardiner Hill

Brownell, less accessible than he wanted to be due to his dual role at Yale and NHSTC, requested an assistant from the State Board. The board consented, and after Brownell asked his acquaintances for recommendations, hired Warren Gardiner Hill. Hill had been a principal of a school with two teachers for one year, taught college for another and spent four years in the service during the war. Although his resume was less than impressive, and he was only slightly older than most of the students, Brownell hired Hill after talking with him for a few hours.


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