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After Harrison’s departure, Southern was in a state of confusion; Connecticut State University system, Dr. Frost was appointed acting president for a month, long enough to allow the university to return to normal. During this month, Frost was measuring interest in Michael J. Adanti. Adanti, the Southern alum who had come to the rescue in […]

Manson Van Buren Jennings When Buley retired in 1970, the college had a new president, Manson Van Buren Jennings. Jennings was more scholarly than his predecessor, having spent a good portion of his professional life lecturing at Teacher’s College, Columbia and some time as a dean in New York. In this respect, he was a […]

The American public was losing faith in the Vietnam War. As casualty figures mounted, public disillusionment spread. The draft brought the war into homes of Americans and spilled onto college campuses. In August 1967, a white shopkeeper in New Haven shot and killed a Hispanic youth who had threatened him with a knife. The incident […]

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1896 Although the Howe Street building was up to Principal Morrill’s standards, he had one last request – Morrill wanted a fence. He pressured the Board of Education, who then pressured the state legislature, who granted him $1,550 to complete project. The politically savvy Morrill convinced the state to erect an iron fence on the […]

Anne E. Seabury Anne E. Seabury became the school’s second Dean of Women in 1929. Seabury insisted that Normal School graduates also be proper young ladies who needed to learn proper dress, conversation and behavior. Seabury’s standard punishment for gum chewing was for the chewer to sit at attention for twenty minutes. Owen McDowell The […]

Arthur B. Morrill Arthur Boothby Morrill was born on April 16, 1853, in Portland, Maine. An accomplished student, he was admitted to Yale College in 1869. After graduation, Morrill returned to Maine where he took several teaching positions. While Morrill was in Maine, a few of his Yale classmates were working with the Connecticut State […]