A connection to something larger than yourself – this is what it means to be a student at Southern Connecticut State University.

Beyond the classes, clubs and homework- Southern Connecticut State University is filled with the stories of the past, the buzz of the present and the hope of the future.

The history of Southern deserves a place in the mind of its students. Knowledge of the history of your alma mater instills a sense of identity and pride.

The story of SCSU begins on September 11, 1893, the first day of school for the New Haven State Normal School, a teacher training school. The newly renovated building on the corner of State and Summer Street would be the first home for principal Arthur B. Morrill, the head administrator,  and his female pupils. Skinner School, a two-story grammar school that served the local children of immigrants would also serve as classrooms and practice rooms for the Normal School.  Eighty-five females made up the first class, already too big for the second floor of Skinner School, which only had eighty desks.

The following pages describe the school’s journey to present day, highlighting triumphs, obstacles and memorable moments. Although the current campus at Crescent Street is less than half as old as the university itself, those for whom the buildings are named are a nod to the school’s rich past.

So dear reader, I hope you enjoy this summary. It is not meant to be an extensive history, but a glimpse into an institution that has transformed significantly in its 119 years.

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